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Yiwu, the history of a paradise for foreign traders from all over the world

Yiwu made an historic breakthrough in terms of economic and social development, thanks to a development strategy based upon the commerce promotion which supports the cities development.

The urban area thus enlarged, from 2,8 km² in 1984 to its present urban area of about 18km².

Streets, peripheries and expressway networks have been developed, respecting the idea of a "green city": today, there are about 11m² of public garden per inhabitant in Yiwu.

When the Municipality of Yiwu created the "Yiwu Small Commodity City" in 1982, it was plannd for Yiwu to become the place for a small commodities international business centre.

Yiwu has been awarded many times, for its economic and social development as well as for the results of its original ambition to become the supermarket of the world for small commodities, a paradise for foreign traders from all over the world.

The construction of public facilities has logically followed the commercial development of Yiwu. The city thus constructed an airport with a 4C-grade, that proposes to serve a dozen of domestic destinations, like Beijing (Peking), Guangzhou (Canton), Shantou, Weifang or Shenzhen.

Furthermore, Yiwu is located in the middle of the rail road between  the Zhejiang province and the Jiangxi province (lines Shanghai-Hangzhou-Nanchang or Shanghai-Hangzhou-Guangzhou for instance).

 At last, the new Yiwu bus station was built in the Binwang area, it offers more than 1300 departures daily to more than 100 cities of all sizes.

So, Yiwu seems to have accomplished its audacious bet to become a modern middle-sized city.