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The main Markets of Yiwu

Yiwu - Futian Market in Yiwu China
Futian Market in Yiwu

"The" market of Yiwu is in fact composed of a succession of several markets spread over the city. There are about twenty markets, some of which are gathered in the same building.

Here are listed the main markets*:

  • Arts and crafts market (gifts made of glass/wood/metal, 3D crystal items, beads, Christmas products, and other decoration items)
  • DIY and gardening market
  • Umbrellas market
  • artificial flowers market
  • Stationery market (ball pens, fountain pens, advertising pens, pencils, erasers, pen boxes, files, and all kinds of stationeries)
  • Sport and other leisure (fishing, music,...) markets 
  • Clocks and watches market
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses market
  • Kitchen and bathroom hardware market (plastic market)
  • Toys market
  • Candles market
  • Cosmetic market
  • Fashion jewellery market (rings, earrings, necklaces, hairpins, bracelets, ankle bracelets, toe rings, tattoos, artificial locks, wigs, all types of ornaments...)
  • Mobile phones accessories market (mobile phones boxes, parts, cordons, ornaments,...)
  • Small home appliances/ small electronic products market (FM radios, voice recorders, CD/VCD/DVD/MP3 players, earphones, microphones,...)
  • Bags and leather products market (bags, belts, wallets, purses,...)
  • Shoes market
  • Tissue, cloths market
  • Socks market

Yiwu succeeded in attracting companies from Eastern China (from Beijing to Guangzhou, including Shanghai and the neighbouring regions,  which are the most active from an economic point of view) and then it became the biggest small commodities export centre.

Today, the different markets of Yiwu cover an area of around one million square meters, with more than 320000 items classified in 1502 different categories... thus Yiwu is the biggest supermarket in the world, but also the most important exhibition centre for small commodities.

As a result, every day, more than 1000 containers leave Yiwu. This makes Yiwu an obliged way in the international trade landscape.

* List courtesy of N i r a in Yiwu, Quality control & Export services- Export services & Quality control of your goods in Yiwu.

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